Education & Outreach

Free and low cost classes, business consulting and workshops.

We help emerging designers understand the skills they need to run successful fashion businesses.

The Centers for Habilitation

Vocational Training for Disadvantaged Workers.

We partner with TCH to provide training and jobs. Most notably, we partner with ASU's School of Sustainability who provide discarded ASU banners to the TCH enclave to create into tote bags that are sold in ASU's bookstore.

Free Sourcing

Free Wholesale Fabric/Trim Sourcing Library. 

We save emerging designers/brands thousands of dollars in travel and months of research by providing a free resource of hundreds of wholesale fabric and trim sources accessible to new brands at low minimums.

Cinderella Affair

Manufactured plus size prom dresses for The Cinderella Affair to donate to girls in need.

We partnered with East Valley Institute of Technology to provide an opportunity for a design student to manufacture her design learn industry tech packs, brand her own label in the dress and get media exposure. 

City of Tempe Events

Event, Studio and Office Spaces

Fashion classes, demonstrations, exhibits, lectures, workshops, designer showcases and community engagements provided to the City of Tempe. 

Tempe History Museum

Tempe Performing Arts Center

Geeks Night Out

Donated and reduced rates on spaces at FABRIC.

We donate the use of the spaces at FABRIC to non-profits. We also offer event spaces, photo studio rentals, classroom rentals, offices and more and well below market value to AZ fashion businesses.

COVID-19 PPE Manufacturing 

Pivoted to make FDA certified, reusable isolation gowns, and other items at FABRIC during COVID-19 to mitigate the PPE shortage. 

Provided an open source isolation gown project to enable community members to make isolation gowns out of a substantially equivalent fabric found at most home improvement stores.

Assisted other manufacturers with FDA protocols and patterns, tech packs and fabric information to enable them to pivot efforts to PPE manufacturing. 

Connected healthcare facilities in need with PPE manufacturers and suppliers. 

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