What We Do



Arizona as a leader in sustainable, innovative fashion design and manufacturing. 


To provide Arizona’s emerging designers and brands with innovative, small batch manufacturing and strategic business resources, so they can build sustainable fashion businesses locally.


Arizona Apparel Foundation (AAF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping local fashion design brands navigate obstacles to success by providing the resources they need to start, grow, and thrive in Arizona.

Our goal is to encourage local brands to manufacture in Arizona and to attract out-of-state brands looking for resource alternatives. Manufacturing apparel locally keeps money in the state, creates jobs, and ushers in a creative, new, sustainable, and in-demand industry.


Our Impact


Since the opening of the FABRIC Building in 2016, we've accomplished great things with the support of our community. We've surpassed almost all of our stakeholders' expectations, and we're looking forward to more growth in the near future. We're confident that our remarkable accomplishments to date will encourage you to support our continuing development.


Thank you for investing in the growth of the fashion industry here in Arizona.

The need is clear; this is how we're meeting it every day.

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