Arizona Apparel Foundation is dependent on the public to support it's mission through volunteers. 

Learn how you can help. The application process is TWO easy steps. Start NOW!

1. Just fill out the

2. Sign the

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Arizona Apparel Foundation has many needs, and you may fit in here just perfectly!
Here are some of the skills, talents, and abilities we value in our volunteers:

-Teaching experience (For youth and adults)
-Sewing and maker skills (Leather work, beading, applique, illustration, hat making, fabric painting, or anything else imaginable that could be shared in our community)
-People skills (We need receptionists and tour guides)
-Business development (Fundraising, grant writing, consulting, marketing, planning, and all things oriented to growth of our projects)
-Organization (Creating schedules, collecting and managing data, setting up work spaces, organizing projects, and optimizing resources)
-Carpentry, painting, and small fix-it job skills (How many fashion designers does it take to screw in a light bulb?...)
-Writing and Photography/Videography (Help us tell our story!)
-Event production (Roll out the red carpet, sell tickets, show people to their seats, and clean up afterward so we can do it again) 
-Performers (Reliable fashion models, dancers, emcees, actors, and public speakers warmly welcomed to get involved in our events)

If you have a special skill or talent you'd like to share, please fill out an application and become a volunteer today. 
With your help we can do great things for the fashion industry in Arizona!