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Concept - It’s More Fun In The RA! 
Lively music, a vibrant crowd, inventive cocktails and the best sushi this side of Tokyo. You know when you’re in the RA because there’s no other place like it. Order up the best sushi in town and delight in our signature rolls or amazing Japanese inspired cuisine. Whatever you choose, it’s all served with a big side of Anything Can Happen. So bring your friends or make new ones. Either way, you’re in for a great time.

We at Witnessing Nature provide whole organic food through personal chef services. Don't have time to cook but still want to provide your guests with healthy, delicious options at your next party? I cook in your home or cater, bringing already prepared dishes for you and your guests to enjoy, allowing you to spend time connecting and building relationships!

Our cooking classes can be utilized as a team building exercise, a fun date night, an opportunity to meet new people, or they are for those who just want to learn how to create amazing meals! We always use whole organic food, incorporating lots of laughter and fun, all while learning some tips and tricks along the way.

Built in 1888 in what is now the heart of downtown Tempe, the historic Hackett House is the headquarters for the Tempe Sister Cities Organization and home to events and programs that serve the children of Tempe and the community at large.
Every year, over 700 children visit Hackett House and benefit from educational experiences that will encourage today's youth to appreciate cultural and international diversity as they grow into the leaders of tomorrow. Fundraising through the Hackett House supports many educational programs offered which include: historic school tours for 6th graders, geography bees, children's teas, a young artist program, and Passport to the World which introduces different countries & cultures.
For older youth and adults, funds raised by the Hackett House contribute to Tempe Sister Cities (TSC) programs which include the student, educator, and professional exchange programs that promote international goodwill and cultural understanding. The organization encourages cross-cultural cooperation and collaboration by building friendships between people and partnerships between communities around the World. Every year TSC sponsors over 30 students from Tempe as well as numerous teachers and professionals that visit one of our 11 sister cities.
We are proud to build our community through sponsorship of the Arizona Apparel Foundation, as this is just one more way we bring the world together one friendship at a time. 

The Cloud LGS Objective:

Our goal is to provide the best mobile phone website experience possible. Our collection of online tools & features make it easier to grow your business from a mobile phone. Cloud LGS provides an improved mobile device experience while still delivering an incredible desktop version too. There are no coding or programming skills required to create a mobile friendly website with Cloud LGS. Small business owners and entrepreneurs everywhere love Cloud LGS because it's so easy to use. It's the easiest self-edit mobile website system ever created. Anybody at any computer skill level can create a mobile friendly website with Cloud LGS.

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Video has quickly become the most powerful way to capture audience attention and drive retention and sharing. According to Forrester Research, with video there is a 53% higher chance of being on page one of Google. This is because Google now indexes video faster than any other media. With #vidit, we organically deliver page one search results across all search engines in a few weeks which lasts for the life of the campaign. Adding a #vidit video campaign to your digital and social marketing program mix will measurably improve overall campaign results, typically with a 30% lower SEO and PPC costs than are normally associated with traditional digital campaigns. Contact Jennifer Sultzaberger (480) 463-4640